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Staying Positive: 3 Ways Current Events Are Reshaping My Focus

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Small businesses are my passion. I started out 20 years ago opening and running restaurants, getting to know their ups and downs, all the struggles operating a small business entails. Live.Work.Play. came from seeing those struggles, how the cost of advertising was unaffordable for a lot of businesses, and wanting to provide a better alternative.

I know a lot of the businesses I work with are going through a new kind of struggle. We’re all in a holding pattern, trying to adjust. It’s difficult not knowing what the future brings, especially with things changing on a daily basis.

As a result, it’s tough for a lot of people to stay positive right now. Something that’s helped me recently, and something I wanted to share, is how I’ve been changing my focus to spread positive vibes to others. Especially to those that need them right now.

1. How can I use this time to make my business, career, life, etc. better?

As I’ve said, small businesses are my passion, but everything happening has forced me to slow down. It’s made me ask myself how I can help them more with my platform. For example, I had already been planning on adding QR codes to Live.Work.Play. books, but wanted to expand on that.

QR codes tourism

So, I’ve taken the time I would normally spend physically visiting businesses to build better search capacity for my clients. If people can’t physically go there, they can at least virtually get there a little more easily.

  • Have there been changes you’ve been wanting to make that you now have time for?

  • Has your business had to adapt in ways that could be added to normal operations in the future?

2. How can I still connect?

researching travel

For some of us this is harder than others. I’m lucky enough to be able to conduct virtual meetings, but I know not all of my clients can. While we can’t connect one-on-one at the moment, we still can connect in meaningful ways.

Share your experience with your customers using social media or other platforms. Reach out to other small business owners to network and support each other. Ask your customers and fellow local business owners to reach out to you.

  • Can you crowdsource ideas and learn more about your customers right now?

  • How can you bring more ways to connect into your business or life?

3. Find happiness wherever you can.

The easiest thing to do right now is to get weighed down with what’s going on. Staying active and having a solid plan for the future can help with stress. Take time to do something for yourself, bring a smile to someone’s face, or take a moment to breathe.

social distanced hug sign
  • Send virtual hugs via cards, text or voice chat, or social media.

  • Take a break from the news.

  • Redirect your thoughts to something happy, when you can:

-What are your best memories regarding your business or life in general?

-What are you looking forward to?

-What is something you love?

I hope you found some value in this post!

Christine Vasiliades


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