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Before the internet, business transactions were done face-to-face and with a handshake. I'm proud to say that belief and building relationships is the core of who I am and how I do business.

For the better part of twenty years, I successfully opened and managed restaurants for small business owners. As I was starting the next chapter of my life, I realized every daily act of maintaining a customer base, orchestrating a successful dinner service for a few hundred guests, and everything in between was achieved by building trust and relationships.

Having been the decision maker on how to advertise, market, and promote for so long, I noticed that most opportunities were cost prohibitive for small businesses.

In October of 2016, Live.Work.Play. was born. 

Mission:  To give small businesses the same voice as businesses with large marketing budgets in a more targeted way.    

Live.Work.Play. publishes hardcover regional guide books for the Tampa Bay, Greater Harrisburg/Hershey, ​Gettysburg/York, and Lancaster, Pennsylvania regions. We've partnered up with nearly 200 businesses to provide the best shopping, dining, things to do, and professional services to each region.

We work with Realtors, builders, HOA communities, and property managers that provide Live.Work.Play. as a valuable gift to new residents, new homeowners, existing homeowners, and new move-ins. You'll also find us in more than 15,000 hotel rooms.

We reach 5 million visitors and locals.



I was born into the military on an Army base in Fort Ord, California. I have two brothers and a sister that were born in three different states and countries and have lived in Germany, France, and 7 different U.S. states. We landed in Central Pennsylvania when my dad retired and went to work as a civilian at the Mechanicsburg Navy Depot. As an adult, I moved to Tampa Bay for 15 years and then moved back to the capital of PA for family reasons. I have three sons and grandsons.

I've heard time and time again how random it was that I launched my business in Tampa Bay. Then I say, not only did I live there for 15 years but I've been going to Tarpon Springs to visit my grandparents since I was a child. When I moved back to Pennsylvania, my oldest son stayed and has now lived there for twenty years. Really, it was just a natural progression since I was still visiting often. 

I'm proud to say that in an effort to be cost-efficient in my own small business, I deliver thousands and thousands of my own books to hotels, door-to-door as gifts from HOA communities, and hundreds of other locations.​ 

In mid-2019, I started splitting my time between Tampa Bay and Central PA. I am proof that you can start a new chapter in your 50s. Believe in yourself , care about people, and work with honesty and integrity.

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Christine Vasiliades , CTA