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The best  food, fun, craft beverages, shopping & professional services in Tampa Bay - the greater Harrisburg Hershey, Gettysburg York -& Lancaster Pennsylvania regions.

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Our South Central Pennsylvania guide book encompasses towns like Gettysburg, Hanover and York. 

Where you can take a walk on the Gettysburg Battlefield, shop on Lincoln Square, explore York - the first nation's Capital, or tour Hanover - the snack food Capital of the world.


Tampa Bay, Florida is right at the heart of the gulf coast and is most known for its' beautiful gulf coast beaches and major pro sports teams.  

Our Tampa Bay guidebook walks you through the best places to shop, eat, and visit.



Our Central Pennsylvania guide book takes you to Harrisburg, the state Capital, Hershey - you may know they're famous for chocolate, Carlisle - noted for it's beautiful tree lined streets once walked on by George Washington and the Carlisle Barracks - the second oldest Army post in the United States.


Lancaster County, also known as Pennsylvania Dutch Country is located along the  Susquehanna river and has an abundant history dating back to 1729.

Our Lancaster guidebook highlights the best places to eat, shop, drink, and visit.