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Free Streaming and Broadcast Easter Weekend of Sight and Sound Theatres "JESUS"

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

More than one million people have experienced the live performance of JESUS at Sight & Sound’s theater in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and this weekend, the greatest rescue story of all time can be watched by families everywhere, free of charge!

sight and sound theatre

Courtesy of TBN

OriginallySight & Sound Theater had planned to bring their epic performance of “Jesus” to cinemas but due to theater closures from COVID-19 they were forced to cancel.  

“Sight and Sound’s ‘Jesus’ show premiered 2018 and ran for two years, and the way it was produced was so cinematic in nature with the 300-foot wrap-around stage that it adapted perfectly to the screen,” Enck told The Christian Post. “When we saw it on the screen as a finished product, we were blown away by it. We’re so passionate about it because this story needs to be out there, told in this fresh new way.”

“With people not being able to gather together to celebrate Easter, our hope is that by making this show available, we might all feel a sense of community and connection as we watch the greatest rescue story of all time come to life in this unique way,” said Sight & Sound Chief Creative Officer Josh Enck.

"You'll witness some of the most awe-inspiring, miraculous events in the Gospels as Jesus sets sail with fishermen, challenges the Pharisees, and heals the hurting. " is how TBN ( Trinity Broadcasting Network ) describes the show.

Each production is original and has been written, produced, designed and built by nearly 650 staffers. With. live animals, the latest technology and special effects, a 2,000-seat theater and 300 foot sweeping stage, 45 cast members put on an impactful, musical production that brings Bible stories to life.

Filmed in front of a live audience, Sight & Sound’s spectacular original production is now coming to television and streaming devices.  Saturday, April 11 at 1 pm ET/10 am PT and 1 a.m. and 3 p.m. on Trinity Broadcasting Network  or TBN Viewers can also watch anytime, Friday, April 10 - Sunday, April 12  on the TBN app or their website

We're watching on a Roku TV where we can add TBN as a free channel! ***Check local listings for broadcast times in your area.

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