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Wine to Go... Are You in or Are You Out?

Updated: Apr 18, 2022

Have you ever had a great wine in a restaurant and then not been able to find it anywhere?  Restaurants have access to great wines not available in stores and joining The Cab Wine Society will give you access to those wines in your home.

wine bar york pa

With the government mandated closure of all restaurants, The Handsome Cab was looking for a way to allow to-go wines and utilize some of its extensive inventory.  When open, The Handsome Cab offers over 60 wines by the glass and over 400 bottle options.  Certainly, the largest wine program for a restaurant in all of Pennsylvania.

"The state of Pennsylvania has many liquor laws that place barriers in place for restaurants to sell wine and spirits by the bottle. Even though The Handsome Cab has the coveted “R” type liquor license, selling wine to go wasn’t allowed.  We spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase a very limited commodity and could only sell about 2 six packs of beer to go.  This changed in 2018 when the state added the WEP (Wine expanded permit."

Adding a WEP costs $2,000, plus about $700 for an ID scanning device and 2% of all sales have to be paid back to the state.  Volumes of wine sales typically are not enough to make this lucrative for a restaurant." says Robert Godfrey , co-owner of The Handsome Cab in York,Pennsylvania

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Robert came up with the idea to start a wine club that is subscription based to help increase the volume of bottles of wine sold to make this venture worth the expenditure.  The Cab Wine Society was created.  Membership costs $20 the first year and $10 each year to renew.  As a member you can pick your level of membership as monthly or bi-monthly (every other month) where you choose the types of wines you enjoy most in the following categories:

      Monthly or Bi-Monthly Cost

Diversity-mix of white, rose and red                                                 $80     

WR – mix of white and rose only                                                        $75

Seasonal – Whites/Rose June/Jul/Aug, Reds the rest of year     $100

Red Red Wine – 4 bottles of great reds                                            $120               

Robert’s Circle – Robert’s picks for wine aficionados                  $175

restaurant in york pa

Every month there will be a designated pickup date for your wines.  On this date The Handsome Cab will also have a free wine tasting for all members to try a new wine.  If members cannot meet that date, they will have 2 weeks to pick up their order. 

In addition to this, members will receive a free crystal wine glass to enjoy their wine at home and a reusable wine tote to pick up their wine every month or every other month.  Members will also have access to wines at a significant discount to take home and enjoy through-out the month.

Finally, once a year, The Cab Wine Society will have a party to celebrate the year in wine with complimentary food.

wine2go york pa

York pa wine list

The Cab Wine Society will not start until after the government allows them to open again and, in the meantime, The Handsome Cab is selling wine bottles from its inventory to-go every Friday from 11 am to 4 pm. Each week they publish a menu on Facebook and Instagram.  Anyone interested in purchasing wine can email their order of up to 4 bottles to  They can call Friday morning after 10 am to make payment over the phone and curbside pick-up is then available from 11 am to 4 pm. 

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