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The Largest Epiphany Celebration Outside of Greece is in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Updated: Jan 3

Updated 01/03/2024

Below is the 2024 events and the following is a link to our Tampa Bay guide for those visiting the area.

On Jan.6, 2023 The 117th annual Epiphany celebration will take place in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Update: Times may vary depending on church service, but the cross dive typically happens between 12;30 - 1:15

Tarpon Springs has more Greeks per capita than any other American city. The Epiphany celebration in Tarpon Springs dates back to 1906.

It's the largest Epiphany celebration in North America and draws more than 20,000 spectators. That's almost as many people as are residents of Tarpon Springs.

As a Greek resident of Tarpon Springs, myself, I'm very proud of my heritage.

I've included pictures and videos I took from our of previous Epiphany celebrations. Here's what you need to know.

If you're vising for the first time, here is an introduction to Tarpon Springs and a best of Tampa Bay Guide for you to page through.

Epiphany at Spring Bayou in Tarpon Springs
Epiphany at Spring Bayou in Tarpon Springs

In the Orthodox church, Epiphany observes Christ’s baptism in the River Jordan by John

the Baptist.

Divine liturgy service on the day of Epiphany at ST. Nicholos Greek Orthodox Cathedral
Divine liturgy service on the day of Epiphany at ST. Nicholos Greek Orthodox Cathedral

Epiphany is celebrated over two days and culminates with the Epiphany Ball the evening of day three.

Day one begins with the Blessing of the Fleet at the Sponge Docks.

You can watch the goings on at the Sponge Docks on the live webcam all year.

Video by Christine Vasiliades

Day two starts with a special divine liturgy service. The Priest has a large pot of water that he prays over and blesses, making it Holy Water. He then takes a bunch of basil and some of holy water and uses the basil to sprinkle the water onto the congregation, blessing them.

The service is followed by a procession of parishioners, divers and dignitaries around the church to Spring Bayou. As with the Sponge Docks, there is a live webcam at Spring Bayou that you can view all year.

Video by Christine Vasiliades

Once the procession has arrived, there is a blessing of the waters, an invocation and a white dove is released symbolizing the Holy Spirit to fly over the Bayou.

The archbishop will cast a white cross into the Spring Bayou and dozens of young men from local Greek Orthodox churches will dive for the cross. Each are seeking the honor and blessings of retrieving it. The diver that retrieves the cross then kneels with the cross before the archbishop for a blessing.

Video by Christine Vasiliades

The cross dive is then followed by the Glendi (festival) The Glendi will feature traditional Greek music and Greek food.

Epiphany events in Tarpon Springs
Schedule of events for Epiphany

Schedule of events provided from St. Nicholos Greek Orthodox Cathedral located at

Please note: There will be road closures around the church and Spring Bayou.

They are typically the city lot between Tarpon Avenue and Pinellas Avenue, Pinellas Avenue between Court Street and Orange Street and Tarpon Avenue from Hibiscus Street to the Bayou.

I'll make updates for you here as I learn of them.

St. Nicholos Greek Orthodox Cathedral is located at

36 N. Pinellas Avenue

Tarpon Springs

Check out information on Greek Independence Day in Tarpon Springs and some unique spots in Tampa Bay to eat and drink

I'll see you there!


Awesome and Inspiring that you love your Greek Traditions as do I. I thought your post on facebook interesting and looked up your Live.Work.Play on line. Very informative for people who are not aware of our celebration in Tarpon Springs. This post will be a wonderful opportunity to have more tourists know about our beautiful city and hopefully want to visit, which will be great for all the local businesses. Thank you

Replying to

Priscilla - Thank you so much for reading and thank you for your kind words. Appreciate you! That is exactly why I do what I do. To have more people know about the region because I so love it. Who knows, maybe we'll connect at Epiphany or sometime down the road. Καλή χρονιά!!

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