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Discover the Allentown Art Museum: A Free Treasure Trove of Culture and Inclusivity

Updated: Feb 10

Allentown Art Museum, Live Work Play, Arts in PA

In a groundbreaking move starting in 2022, the Allentown Art Museum opened its doors to everyone, free of charge. This decision, propelled by the generosity of benefactors like the Century Fund and Lehigh Valley Health Network, among others, is a testament to the Museum's commitment to providing unrestricted access to artistic heritage. Rooted in a rich history dating back to the Great Depression, the Museum's ethos has always centered on community, echoing the beliefs of its founders who envisioned art as a public good.

Cultivating Inclusivity: Access for All Ages

A Museum for Every Household: By eliminating entry fees, the Museum seeks to remove financial barriers and promote equity, ensuring that families and individuals of all backgrounds can engage with its world-class art collection. A quarter of Allentown's households living below the poverty line will now have the opportunity to explore the Museum's extensive offerings without constraints.

Allentown Art Museum, Live Work Play, Arts in PA

New American Galleries: An upcoming highlight on August 27, the New American Galleries, will unveil recent acquisitions and showcase works by local artists, emphasizing diverse cultural narratives. This dynamic space will rotate a third of its artworks every six months, fostering a continually evolving and inclusive narrative of American art.

Currently On Display at the Allentown Art Museum

Explore Pennsylvania Impressionism

On Display: August 10, 2023, through September 8, 2024

Embark on a visual journey into the heart of Pennsylvania Impressionism, showcasing the vibrant works of artists like John Fulton Folinsbee and his contemporaries. Set against the backdrop of New Hope, Pennsylvania, this exhibition encapsulates the essence of a bustling artist community that thrived in the early twentieth century. This collection, including works by Edward Redfield and Daniel Garber, portrays everything from serene snow studies to sunlit pastoral scenes.

Allentown Art Museum, Live Work Play, Arts in PA, artwork, paintings

Angela Fraleigh's Empowering Visual Narratives

On Display: November 11, 2023, through April 21, 2024

Step into the captivating world of Angela Fraleigh's monumental paintings as she breathes life into women's stories often relegated to the periphery of history. Fraleigh amplifies the agency of women, illustrating spinning, stitching, and weaving not just as crafts but as acts of profound strength. The immersive display also features a site-specific wall treatment, echoing tree-of-life textiles, framing Fraleigh’s art within a realm of burgeoning life.

This is just a portion of what is currently on display. There are also ongoing constant collections displayed, but you won't want to miss their six month run exhibits.

Allentown Art Museum, Live Work Play, Arts in PA, paintings, sculpture

Enhanced Visitor Experience:

Initiatives like sensory-friendly hours and expanded free parking underscore the Museum's commitment to fostering a welcoming environment. These additions aim to cater to diverse visitors, including neurodivergent individuals and their families.

A Path Forward: Community Support and Growth

The Museum's evolution is propelled by community backing and ongoing partnerships. While the transition to free admission marks a significant milestone, it signals a beginning rather than an endpoint. Continued support from patrons and the local community is integral to sustaining the Museum's vibrant exhibitions and educational programs.

Allentown Art Museum, Live Work Play, Arts in PA, Frank Lloyd Wright

A Beacon of Cultural Enrichment

As the Allentown Art Museum embraces this historic moment, it embarks on a transformative journey toward becoming an even more accessible and culturally enriching space. With unwavering support, the Museum remains committed to offering dynamic exhibitions and educational initiatives, shaping a cultural haven for the Lehigh Valley. Join us in celebrating art and inclusivity at the Allentown Art Museum.

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